MeltingSpot and Customer Cross sign partnership

Customer Cross and French rising star MeltingSpot sign partner deal

Paris/Zottegem (Mai 25, 2023)

Online customer communities are becoming increasingly important in the world of customer success. Initially often seen as a support feature, customer communities are also a way to lower the team load and scale activities. Today, customer communities can affect nearly all aspects of customer success. Forbes predicted in a recent article that by 2025, 70% of all customer interactions will happen in online customer communities.

This is exactly why Paris based MeltingSpot and Customer Cross signed a new  partner agreement this week. The agreement links both companies for a non-exclusive commercial & technological collaboration. “We help our customers to grow their revenue and advise them on how to reduce churn and grow customer retention. Thanks to this agreement we can now refer our customers to MeltingSpot, an easy to use and hands on customer community platform” explains Tom. 

 Sébastien Chatelier, co-founder and COO at MeltingSpot: “Tom and I recently met at a customer success event in Paris. We felt pretty fast there was a match for our technology with the Customer Cross target audience. We strongly believe our community software will help the Customer Cross customers to grow their business.” 

 Gwenaelle Aslanian, Customer Success Manager at MeltingSpot: “We are experiencing firsthand the rise of digital-led customer success activities within our own customer base. Our users expect self-service education, and yet they do not want to give up on human interactions: community is the perfect tool to scale Customer Success operations without compromising on the quality of the relationship. Our software, together with Customer Cross’s expertise, is the perfect combination to support SaaS companies on that journey”.

Tom - Gwen - Sébastien