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From Our Clients

“When interacting with Tom, the first thing you will notice is his passion and professionalism. This is a guy who loves to give 100% in solving complex problems.”

Jason Klein – usa

Director of Communication, Groove.co

“I really appreciated working with Tom at Participium and Forte. He is a nice and professional person to work with. He has the right start up mentality to create a team and keep them motivated, even under high pressure.”

Jan Meynen – be

CEO , VIU More

“When working with Tom I found his enthusiasm contagious. Not only is he dedicated to the project and a success driver, but he is also a great communicator.”

Gabriëla Sotirca – uk

Customer Success Manager EMEA , Dell Technologies

“Tom and I worked together for almost 2 years, starting up the Selligent branch in Munich. Like paratroopers we went into the jungle and survived extremely successful. Tom had the pioneer spirit to get his team started, keep them motivated and go all the way. Very persistent, sometimes stubborn but always with solid product knowledge and customer success focus.”

Franco Paolucci – de

Head of EMEA , Annex Cloud

“I had the privilege to work for Tom at FunkyTime and enjoyed it very much. He taught me so much in such a short period of time. His years of experience in IT and Customer Success Management is something that will always give his team members a boost and huge knowledge base to learn from.”

Nelis Braems – be

Developer Team Lead , Globis

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