Customer Cross and Skalin sign partnership to celebrate first anniversary

Customer Cross signs  partner deal with skalin, to celebrate first anniversary!


Paris/Ghent (March 13, 2024)

At Customer Cross Company, we just blew the first candle on our birthday cake last week. And what better way to celebrate this rollercoaster year, than with a new partnership? Skalin is the French n°1 next-gen Customer Success software platform and a perfect fit in our growing international technology partner network.

“We help our customers to grow their revenue. We advise them on how to reduce churn and grow customer retention. At their demand we also advise them on the selection of SaaS platforms that fit their needs to grow revenue faster. Thanks to this agreement we can now refer our customers to Skalin, a top notch European player in this field. What I really like about Skalin is that they are the ‘next gen’ of customer success platforms: easy to implement, good value for money and integrating the latest AI technology.” says Tom Carnewal, our founder and CCO.

Nicolas Garmy, co-founder of Skalin adds: “Tom and I have been working together since the birth of Customer Cross, last year. He and his team are customer success experts and know our platform in and out. Our customers will now benefit from this knowledge and experience. This agreement confirms the good relationship between both companies”. 

 “We are experiencing firsthand the rise of digital-led customer success activities within our own customer base. Today, many companies have a hard time finding new business and signing new logo’s. Customer Success teams are told  to “Do more with less”. This is why customer retention and scaling customer success are more important than ever in today’s difficult economical times. The Skalin software, together with Customer Cross’s expertise, is the perfect combination to support SaaS companies on that journey” concludes Tom.

If you want to find out more about the Skalin platform or our partnership, feel free to book a meeting by hitting the button below